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All Hail the Workers

Back in 1984, at our first restaurant in Putney, we received a dramatic home office swoop, with immigration officers barring the exits and demanding proof of legality of anyone on site at the time. One […]

A Good All-Rounder

Being dubbed a good all-rounder can be an underwhelming distinction in these days of specialists, whose expertise win accolades far and beyond the reach of mere jacks of all trades. Consult the thesaurus and definitions […]

Spoilt for choice

Most people consider having choices as a good thing. Others may see it as a double edged sword, with excessively numerous options leading to agonies of indecision. Nevertheless, I suspect we’d rather have too much […]

Crossing the line

Castigating Christmas commercial opportunism would ensure a very swift deluge of stones, bricks and anything else you can hurl at such flagrant hypocrisy. ‘Halls decked’ by the end of November, party menus ready by the […]

Great Expectations

Recent research suggests that keeping expectations at low levels is a key ingredient to maintaining robust mental health. In other words, be careful what you wish for: the more you expect, the greater the struggle […]